Greetings, Daughters of Dominion! 


The books on my Recommended List are books that I have found to be very helpful in terms of exploring new prayer strategies that give revelation about effectiveness in prayer and intercession through declarations, blood line cleansing, repentance, trading floors and the court rooms of heaven.  I use the prayers and declarations in this book during personal and corporate prayer times.  If you join me during those events, it is helpful if you have your own book to follow along.  Also, it is helpful to have them at home for your personal use.   But it is not necessary.  I do not want to put an undue burden on anyone.  Get what you can, when you can as the Holy Spirit leads you.  

The other list are books that I have found to be very helpful in terms of our daily walk with an emphasis on insights and habits that can profoundly change the course of our lives when implemented or understood.  

At some point in the future, I will lay out a strategy that I believe is effective in your approach when praying through these books.  

It is important to remember that it's the Holy Spirit that empowers us to pray effectively.  These are just tools that the Holy Spirit at times will guide us to use when they will be helpful in our campaign against the enemy's plan to destroy our destinies and the destinies of our families, communities, churches and nations.  

Recommended Book List for Prayer Sessions

Rules of Engagement by Cindy Trimm

Enforcing Prophetic Decrees by Archbishop N. Duncan-Williams

Silencing the Accuser by Jacquelin & Daniel Hanselman

The Trading Floors of Heaven by Beverly Watkins & Robert Henderson

Cleansing Your Generational Bloodline by Natasha Grbich

Redeeming Your Bloodline by Hrvoje Sirovina & Robert Henderson

Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven by Robert Henderson

Other Recommended Books

The Priestly Prayer of the Blessing by Warren M. Marcus

The Walk of the Spirit, The Walk of Power (The Vital Role of Praying in Tongues)

The Blood Covenant by E. W. Kenyon.  Here is a pdf version 

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